India is one of the finest countries in the world. It is also known as the Bharat.

Indian railway is India's biggest and largest government sector. It is the amongst the 4th largest in the world which offers the services like passengers travelling, freight services, food and sanitation facilities etc. Around 15000 passengers from all over the stations in India travel daily. It establishes a turnover of $6.5 billion which is more than the population of India which can also lead to the greater high in the world’s economy.

Indian railway never misses a chance to amaze its passengers by its overwhelming routes and its places. Railway connects most of the locations around the country talking from the sightseeing view to the most historic places. If we don’t talk about the routes the Indian railway especially the trains are so amazed that while travel we don’t think of anything else. We are almost available with all the facilities inside like kitchen, internet facility and moreover proper sanitation also. Taking both the things into consideration, i.e. routes and the trains we can reach into heaven. Children are so keen to travel on the trains they are like they don’t want to reach anywhere they will enjoy sitting on the train.

India is so amazed at trains routes that are handling 13 best routes  which are:

  1. Vasco da Gama- Londa –this is one the most beautiful train routes in India which cover the route from Hubli to madgoan. A ride in goa expressway will provide you with a breathtaking experience of the view of dudhsagar waterfalls which is one the highest in India. The Londa junction is near to the waterfalls, so you get a pleasant beauty with a cheerful smile on your face.
  2. Alipurduar-Jalpaiguri- alipurduar is a municipal town and is situated on the east bank of Kalyani river on the foothills of the Himalayas, the town is the gateway of Bhutan and northeastern states of India. It is a journey between thick forest and diverse wildlife that one can experience in life. These two come second in the series, but you will keen and surprised to travel between these routes that you are so closed to sight view of animals.
  3. Vishakhapatnam-araku valley- Third in the series come to the landscapes, scenery view that you can watch while you travel from Chhattisgarh (aruka valley) to Vishakhapatnam. This train also covers the transport of iron ore and other minerals.
  4. Jammu-Baramulla- This is also one of the most beautiful train routes in India which offer the scenic view of Shivalik mountain ranges. The train passes from 20 tunnels and 140 bridges that provide an unbelievable experience throughout your journey.
  5. Hassan-Mangalore – This train route covers especially the waterfalls, mountains and lastly landscapes. The train route passes through the rice paddy field and areca nut palm trees and also passes through 56 tunnels.
  6. Guwahati-Silchar – a soulful and pleasant journey which passes from the Guwahati to Silchar via Barak valley passes through the beautiful river phases and a beautiful view of tree plantations. This journey will bloom your greenery mindset.
  7. Pathankot-Joginder Nagar- this train route starts from Pathankot that ends at Joginder Nagar, i.e. the station nearest to the Manali which offers beautiful and slow pleasant journey to its passengers which covers the scenic view Himalayan mountains.
  8. Jaisalmer-jodhpur- this journey covers the deserts which are a major part of Rajasthan which often say that desserts are barren and dull. This routes never end landscape view of camels which are often found in Rajasthan. This journey will lead to a taste of Rajasthan.
  9. Mettupalayam-Ooty- the route starts from the Mettupalayam and ends at the Ooty which covers a lethargic view of Nilgiri mountains. This journey also covers the pine forests and tea plantations. This is one of the finest, and you will be amazed to travel through this.
  10. Mumbai-goa- Though Mumbai is a dream place of many citizens in India and goa which famous for honeymoon destinations in India. The route from Mumbai to goa covers the rivers, bridges, green meadows and 92 tunnels.
  11. Matheran-neral- The Matheran and neral are the two Maharashtra heritage railway stations which cover a total distance of 20 km. These both are major tourist attractions for the people of India.
  12. Karjat-Lonavala-the train route from karjat to Lonavala which covers the Khandala is one the most beautiful places and major tourist attractions in monsoon season. I think it's of dream destination place in India.
  13. Tamil Nadu- Rameshwaram-last but not the least it is also one of the most beautiful train routes in India which soothe and calms the passengers. The train passes over the 2nd longest bridge in India.

The list of best tourist attractions never ends, India is one of the most beautiful and finest countries in the world. Trains offer some of the most breathtaking routes which are magnanimous journeys of all passengers.

All the readers are advised to not only just the sake of reading but also experience one or many among these all. Choose the best and create your memory.