Shatabdi express is one of the super-fastest trains in India. It is also generated by Indian railways which is a well-known government entity. It is operated on a very large scale to connect various other cities throughout the country. It is very important to connect these trains through the metros and other highly developed cities so that it could lead to the development of the economy through increase in tourism sector, pilgrimage which lead to business.

Shatabdi runs on a daily basis as it starts today it will return back today only, there is no such delay in the timings while travelling in shatabdi. It is already a well known train and is more likeable by the people of india. Not only the shatabdi but the rajdhani and duronto express are also one of the finest trains in the country. The railway ministry finds rajdhani and shatabdi a greater source of earnings and which could lead to economic development of the country.

Shatabdi express runs on a shorter distance while the rajdhani and duronto express runs on a long distance. Rajdhani express is on highest priority and second in the series goes with the shatabdi express. Bhopal shatabdi runs at a speed of 155km/h which makes it second in the series after the gatimaan express.

History-  the first shatabdi express was introduced in the year 1988 by the railway minister mr madhavrao  scindhia to celebrate the birth anniversary of DR Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of india.  The first shatabdi was started between new delhi and Jhansi junction.

Service-  shatabdi express provides the fastest connectivity and also runs at a very fast speed with fewer stops. Shatabdi express are fully air-conditioned and are more of a higher standard as compared of the various other trains in India Shatabdi express provides the water bottles, juices, coffee, tea, and meals depends on the timings of the journey

Shatabdi express is further distinguished from other trains regarding convenience berths and seats in the Shatabdi, duronto, and the Rajdhani express are prior reserved on the first cum first basis on online booking. Though few of the Shatabdi have on the spot booking also. As Shatabdi runs on a daily basis, so there is no such delay in the timings. All the Shatabdi have seats not the berths and are fully air-conditioned seating which has a higher face as compared to other trains in India. These trains generally provide better food and have high leg rooms.

Now new system has been introduced in the Shatabdi express, i.e. the on the board entertainment facility where the passengers can view movies, serials, directly through satellite. The first to be started in Ahmadabad shatabdi express.

Variants of Shatabdi express- There are two other variants of the train to facilitate the passengers of India.

  • Jan Shatabdi Express
  • Swarna Shatabdi express

Train routes of Shatabdi express:

  • Habibganj – new Delhi & new Delhi – habibganj
  • Lucknow- new Delhi & new Delhi- Lucknow
  • New Delhi- Kalka & Kalka –new Delhi
  • Chennai central- Mysore & Mysore- Chennai central
  • Mumbai central- Ahmedabad & Ahmedabad – Mumbai central
  • new Delhi- Amritsar & Amritsar - New Delhi
  • new Delhi – Ajmer & Ajmer- new Delhi
  • new Delhi – Dehradun & Dehradun – new Delhi
  • howrah – Ranchi & Ranchi – Howrah
  • pune – Secunderabad & Secunderabad – Pune
  • Chennai – Bangalore & Bangalore - Chennai
  • Kanpur – new Delhi & new Delhi – Kanpur
  • Jaipur- Agra fort & Agra fort- Jaipur
  • New Delhi – Ludhiana & Ludhiana New-Delhi
  • Kathgodam- new Delhi & new Delhi – kathgodam
  • Howrah-new Jalpaiguri & new Jalpaiguri – Howrah
  • New Delhi-moga & moga – new Delhi
  • New Delhi- Chandigarh & Chandigarh- new Delhi
  • New Delhi- Firozpur & Firozpur-new Delhi
  • Guwahati- Dibrugarh & Dibrugarh- Guwahati
  • Naharlagun- Guwahati & Guwahati- naharlagun
  • Chennai- Coimbatore & Coimbatore- Chennai
  • Howrah- puri & puri- Howrah

However, Shatabdi trains are running on a faster connectivity and are also serving the passengers best as possible. Shatabdi express is a greater source of earning for the Indian government which connects major all the cities throughout India. These trains have made our nation proud and are giving the equal fight to other nations also.