Indian Railways Network is one of the biggest railway networks in the whole world. It serves millions of people daily with its unstoppable trains and crowded stations. Indian Railway comes 4th in the world after America, China and Russia. The rail network in India is establishing itself in the country since the British rule. It connects most of the incredible places in India. Not only within the country, Indian Railway Network has managed to provide connectivity to adjacent countries too. There is a significant number of International train routes from India which connects to the states of the neighbor countries. These train routes are convenient and affordable for the people who want to visit the Indian subcontinents. There are currently 3 adjacent countries through which India is connected via rail routes, namely –

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Nepal
  3. Pakistan

There are certain train routes through which people can travel from India to these three countries without paying the heavy amount to the airlines. Watching the success of these 3 international train routes from India, Ministry of Railways have also proposed train routes to other countries as well. The name of the countries for which international Railway Lines are proposed are mentioned below –

  1. Bhutan
  2. Myanmar
  3. Thailand
  4. Vietnam
  5. China

International Train Routes from India

Train routes to foreign countries are in itself a fascination for many people. Indian Railways has made it possible to connect two countries by trains. Undeniably, travelling on trains on any of these routes could be a majestic experience for many. Below mentioned are some of the international train routes from India that connect the subcontinent countries.

India – Nepal Train Route


International railway routes from India
Train route from India to Nepal


Indian and Nepal shares a healthy relationship. Citizens of Nepal need not take a visa to travel to India. To further enhance the relationship between the countries, India has developed the railway network of Nepal. There are currently two rail lines between India and Nepal. They are as follows:

  • Raxaul Junction, Bihar to Sirsiya, Parsa
  • Jayanagar Station, Bihar to Khajuri, Dhanusa.

An Indian engineering consultancy company has also conducted surveys for the following train routes:

  • New Jalpaiguri, India to Kakarbhitta, Nepal
  • Jogbani, India to Biratnagar, Nepal
  • Nautanwa, India to Bhairahawa, Nepal
  • Nepalganj Road, India to Nepalganj, Nepal

India – Bangladesh Train Route


International train routes of Indian Railways
Train from India to Bangladesh


The relationship between India and Bangladesh is going in the right direction. There are a total of 3 train routes which connects major stations of India and Bangladesh.

  • The first and most popular train route between the countries is Kolkata, India to Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Maitree Expressconnects the capital city of West Bengal and the capital of Bangladesh. The train was started in the month of April 2008 using the Gede-Darsana route. The train travels a total distance of 375 km.
  • There is another passenger train which connects India to Bangladesh. The Bandhan Express that connects Petrapole in India to Benapole in Bangladesh.
  • In addition to these, a freight train service is available between India and Bangladesh. The freight train connects Sinbad in India and Rohanpur in Bangladesh.
  • Another train route between the two countries, from Agartala, India (the capital of Tripura) to Akhaura, Bihar, which is being restored. The work will be completed in the year 2018, most probably.

India – Pakistan Train Route


international train routes from India
Train from India to Pakistan


India and Pakistan are the two countries which have their own history. There is no need to throw light on the relationship between them. There were a total of 8 train routes between India and current Pakistan before the partition. The number decreased to mere two rail lines after the Independence in 1947. The two train routes between India and Pakistan are as under.

  • The first and the most famous train route connecting the two countries is Amritsar, India to Lahore, Pakistan. The name of the famous train is Samjhauta Express which joins the two countries. The train has also been featured in the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
  • The other train joining India and Pakistan is the Thar Express which connects the state of Rajasthan in India and Sindh in Pakistan. These routes are active since independence.

We hope more of such trains connect the two parted nations.

These are some of the train routes which the ministry has proposed to enhance the railway network to more countries. These international train routes from India are in planning basis and there is no concrete information about them coming into reality. You can take proposed international train routes as a pinch of salt.

India – Bhutan Train Route

Currently, there is no rail service in Bhutan but on January 25, 2005, the Prime Minister of India and the King of Bhutan agreed for the India – Bhutan Railway connectivity.

India – Myanmar Train Route

After connecting India and Bangladesh through Tripura State, Ex-Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu planned to connect India and Myanmar with railway lines through Moreh Border.

India – Thailand Train Route

The rail network between India and Thailand is desired by both the countries to enhance the transportation between them. Thailand’s military junta has said that they want to widen their railway network to India and China as well.

India – Vietnam Train Route

The project of connecting India and Vietnam through rail lines is one of the major railway projects in India. On April 9, 2010, Ministry of Railway announced the proposal of connecting India and Vietnam through train route from Manipur to Vietnam via Myanmar (Burma).

India – China Train Route

China is looking to expand its railway network in Bihar, India to improve the connectivity with India and the South Asian countries. The rail connectivity proposal has already been in discussions between the two countries.

The countries are really progressive in connecting themselves through rail lines. The above mentioned international train routes from India are fine examples of the progressiveness. They are affordable, convenient and the future mode of the transportation between countries.