A lot of People in India travel by Trains in their day to day life. Trains cover a large part, or we can say the area in India and without it, living in India wouldn’t be that much easy. Due to Trains, travelling from one state to other state is so easy, and there are a variety of trains you can choose according to you. Travelling by trains as cheap and anyone can afford them. Also, it takes less time and is safer as compared to travelling by road. So, trains in India plays an important role in making a country run. 

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Issues with Indian railways:

One of the most common issues is Train delay. Running hours late from the schedule is like nothing for Indian Railways. This causes a lot of troubles to the passengers. Although this problem is not common everywhere in India rather it lies in some parts like Patna. In Patna, this happens on a regular basis and people suffer a lot. Let’s talk about Railway Station in Patna. Bihar’s busiest railway station is Patna Junction. It is located in the Heart of the city Patna. Comparing in India, it is the 7th busiest Railway Station. About 300000 passengers travel each day, and it has ten platforms, 15 Railway tracks. Because it is a junction, it connects some major cities in India.

Trains to Avoid if travelling to Patna

Not all Trains but some of them have huge delays. You may have to wait for a long time if you wouldn’t choose the right train if you are going to Patna. Here we are going to talk about five trains that you should avoid while considering travelling to Patna. It is because these Trains are not Punctual and being hours late is very common for them. So let’s talk about trains to avoid:

  • Kolkata - Patna Express – 13131

This train covers from Kolkata railway station to Patna Station. The total journey is about 548 km, and it takes about 14 hours to reach from one end to another. This train runs late 20-30 minutes every time and causes trouble to passengers. It leaves Kolkata after 20 minutes from its scheduled time, and its average speed is about 39km/hr.

  • Anand Vihar – Bhagalpur Garib Rath Express – 22406

This train is considered as one of the least punctual trains, and it runs from Delhi to Patna. Getting 9 hours late is very common for this train so you should avoid this train for Patna because travelling on this train will give you the worst experience of Indian Railways. Total journey distance is 1207 km, and this takes about 17 hours 50 min travelling by an average speed of 68km/hr.

  • Sikkim Mahananda Express – 15484

This train is also one of the worst trains in Indian Railways. It usually gets 6 hours late from Delhi to Bihar, and it travels a total distance of 1654 km. Average speed is 44km/hr, and it takes 37 hrs, 25 min to travel. In place of this train, you can consider Farakka Express. It connects old Delhi Junction to Patna Junction.

  • Seemanchal Express – 12488

This train also gets very late. It departs 6 hours late causing passengers trouble. It connects Anand Vihar and Jogbani. Total journey is about 1379 km, and it takes 13 hr 55 min. It travels with the average speed of 55 km/hr.

  • Udyan Abha toofan Express – 13008

This train has a delay of about 6 hours that’s why it is present in our list. This train sometimes leaves Delhi 8 hours late from the scheduled time. It runs at an average speed of 43 km/hr.


So here have seen trains to avoid if you plan to travel to Patna. These trains need improvements, and Indian railways are continuously trying to do so. We all know that there are some flaws present in Indian railways and it needs improvements. There are various world class trains present in Indian railways that come right on time and cause no troubles. Improvements are continuously being made, and it’s just a matter of time. There is no doubt that our Indian railways are going to be one of the best railway networks in the world.