IRCTC Reservation Rules

Indian railway network is one of the largest railway networks in the world. There are lots of things which needs to be maintained 24x7 in order to operate such a massive railway network. Many people travel through railways daily, and the railway authority cannot take the risk of not providing the full potent service to its passengers. Buying and reserving train tickets is also a big challenge by the passengers in India since the number of people trying to book a ticket is uncountable

So this portal will guide about the things you need to know about reservations. This portal will help you reserve a train seat without any confusion and issue

The passengers need to keep some information in mind before making a reservation. Here there are

Reservation Rules

  1. Crucial For Senior Citizens–If a senior citizen is looking for some fare concessions through passenger reservation system, then the offer is only available for a passenger who demands the concession. The authority does not declare the fare concession as standard.The passenger can fill up a form provided by PRS in order to get fare concession. The senior citizen who is traveling is required to have some necessary documents which state his/her date of birth (DOB). The necessary documents should be government approved or any related body which can state its official date of birth. These necessary documents can be in any form such as Aadhaar card, Voter ID, passport, Driving License, Pan Card, passport, license and any senior secondary certificate which needs to be from an education intuition which comes under the geographical boundary of India.One of the age proof document should be with the senior citizen who is the train traveler because the Railway staff or TTE may check it during the journey

    Women Senior citizens who are the age of 58 years or more can avail the fare concession and Men senior citizen who are the age of 60 or more can avail the fare concessions on demand. The fare concession tickets have 50% off of the basic train fare

    There will be no alterations in the T&Cs

  2. General Cases–A train traveler should buy his/her train tickets from the railway reservation offices or from an Authorized travel agency portal. The rules and regulations can be found in coaching tariff

    A person who wants to reserve a seat or berth in advance should book the ticket 120 days in advance and the advance reservation period exclude the actual departure day considering all the other trains and seats

    There should not be any purchase of more than 6 six tickets from a single requisite form, and all the six passengers must have a mutual destination from the same train

    From 1st December 2002, any passenger who is booked in passenger name record should provide any of the following documents which must be prescribed by the authorized by the administration. Any case of failing to provide necessary documents for all the travelers traveling through that particular train tickets will be charged accordingly. Here are the 10 original identity proofs documents which you can provide

    1. Aadhaar card

    2. Voter ID

    3. Passport

    4. Driving License

    5. Pan Card

    6. Photo ID card with a serial number which should be issued by central government.

    7. Student ID card from any recognized institution.

    8. Passbook with a photograph of the traveler.

    10. Identity card with a serial number which contains photographs and must be issued by the Public sector undertaking of central govt.

    As per Indian railway board letter, nationalized bank passport containing photographs and attested photocopy of ration card will be declared as authentic identity proof. This situation is only considered in case of reserving train tickets though passenger reservation system or PRS, and it is only available for Sleeper class and second reserved sitting class

    If the requisition is for onward and returns train journey, then more than 1 requisite form cab accepted from that particular train traveler

    The departure time printed on the train ticket may not be the accurate departure time for the train since there is a modification in the timings even after the tickets are printed. It is there to guide the passenger when to get ready for the journey. The passenger can only know about the actual timings on the day of the journey, and the alteration of the timing cannot be advised through the printed tickets

  3. Transfer/Resale of tickets prohibit – The tickets are not transferable as well as the journey tickets including half of the return ticket. This comes under the section 142 of the railway's ACT

    If a person who is not an authorized person or does not relate to any of the railway staff or try to poses a part of the train tickets without any proof, then he/she will get punishment under the Law

    In addition, if the traveler who bought tickets from the unauthorized person undertakes a journey, then the ticket holder will get forfeit and is going to be declared as traveling without a legal ticket

  4. Payment through credit cards – Credit card payment for reserving train ticket is available in the northern railway at IRCA building which is located in Allahabad and Lucknow. This is allowed by the authorized PRS counter

  5. Supplementary Charges & Reservation fee on superfast trains -

    Military Officers on free warrants, railway officers and staff, P%T dept. undertaking the journey and MPS of political parties travelling with their party ID cards are not obliged to pay for reservation of superfast trains. There is also not supplementary charges for political parties, foreign tourists, Railway officers, privilege passes and PTOs

  6. Indication of seat or Berth Numbers – The passenger can find the train number and coach number on the train ticket. However you won’t see the berth number and coach number in the first class ACC and coaches. The ticket holder who is confirmed from CNF reservation will be allotted their seat at the time of the booking ticket. The compartment numbers for first class are provided at the time of the reservation of chart preparation

  7. Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) – The passenger names which are on the list of RAC are allotted the seats as reserved which are accommodated in the beginning. The allotted reserved seats are likely to get accommodation because the passenger didn’t turn up at the departure time

  8. When reservation work ceases – The passenger can request for the reservation four hour prior to the departure time. The passenger can request from the authorized reservation counter. After doing so the passenger can make a request at the current counter one hour prior to the scheduled departure time. After that the reservation will be done by the ticket collector who are present on the railway platform. Keep in mind that, the reservation can be done only when there is a vacant seat available

  9. Reservation from intermediate stations – Reservation of the train ticket from intermediate station is only done at the time of purchase of the train ticket since there no computerize reservation made before. The request must be provided to the station master three days prior to the scheduled departure time. After that, the application of such requisite will be delivered to the nearest computerized counter facility of that particular intermediate station

  10. Cancellation of reservation due to the late arrival of train traveler–The passenger if any case does not turn up in the boarding area 10 mins prior to the scheduled departure time of the train, then the railway staff might cancel the reservation and the cancelled ticket will be allotted to someone who is in the waiting list as a train traveler of the RAC

  11. Change of boarding point – Any train traveler can occupy a reserved seat or berth from any station en route and will be allowed to enter at any intermediate station. That particular passenger can choose the station irrespective of the distance the train covers from the source station to the destination. However there are some conditions which you need to know

  • A special written request should be made which should be digital or computerized and the reservation must be made one day prior to the scheduled departure time of the train from the source station
  • The railway staff holds all the right for all the reservation accommodated from the source station. To the railway station where the passenger is due to board the train.
  • There will be no refund on the fare if the train traveler does not show up. The passenger also cannot make a special request about it and the fare shall not admissible for the section of the train journey

So these were some of the important things you need to know about reserving train tickets. Any passenger looking to book a tatkal ticket or any other ticket needs to read this carefully. All your doubts and problems about reserving train ticket will be cleared after reading this