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  • What is PNR ?

We all travel in our day to day life. There are various modes of transportation which we use to travel across our destination. One of the important mode to travel in India is Railways. Millions of people travel by trains daily, and it is one of the most important modes when transportation is considered. There are various types of trains, or I should say categories. You need to make a reservation before traveling if you want to fix your seat and make sure that you will get a comfortable ride. Reservations can be made before the day of departure and the early you do, the more options you will get.

There is a number called PNR number which is very important when it comes to railways. It stands for Passenger Name Record. It is basically a 10-digit number, and you get various types of information regarding your journey. It basically contains all the personal information of the passenger like name, gender, age, etc. You also get information about the ticket that whether it’s been confirmed or canceled or if it is in Waiting List. You check PNR status of Indian Railways to check the status of your train.

  • Where to find PNR Number on the Ticket ?

You can find PNR number on the top of your train ticket. You will find it present at the top left corner of the printed tickets, and it is also present at the top of the e-ticket in the separate cell. You can check live status of the train using PNR status.

  • What are the Advantages of PNR Status ?

With the help of PNR status, you can get all the details about the train in which you are about to travel or to travel.

You get to know whether your ticket has been confirmed or canceled or if it is still present in the waiting list.

PNR number also tells you the exact time of arrival and departure of the train.

  • What are the Trains that have PNR status facility ?

There are a number of trains run under Indian Railways, and all of them don’t have this PNR facility. There are one some trains in which you can use this PNR facility to book you Ticket. Trains which provides this facility are mentioned here:

Express Trains- As the name tells, these trains have less number of stops, and these also have relatively higher traveling speeds. So you reach your destination in less amount of time.

Shatabdi Express- These are one of the best and fastest trains in the Indian Railways. These return to the station of origin the same day hence these are also called day-trains.

Garib Rath- These are air-conditioned trains and are relatively cheaper. They first traveled from Bihar to Amritsar.

Rajdhani Express- These comes under Express Trains, and they connect Delhi to various other parts of the country.

Duronto Express- these are basically long-distance trains and these travel non-stop. They connect several major capitals of India.

So you can use the PNR facility if you are about to travel on one of these trains.

  • How to Check PNR status ?

Technology is growing day by day and people are continuing using it and so do IRCTC. Train Enquiry has become very easy for the users after PNR number. There are several methods using which you can check your Rail status. Some the methods are discussed below:

  • PNR Status Enquiry through Website

Just visit the IRCTC official website if you want to track PNR status. Just login and then click on “Booked Ticket History” for getting your NR status. After that you can just paste or type your PNR number in the given above box and then click again to get your PNR status.

  • PNR Status Enquiry through App

You can install certain apps on your smartphone to get your PNR status simply by just opening your App. this is the easiest method for Passengers to check the PNR status.

  • PNR status Check through Call/SMS

If you don’t have access to the internet that you can use this method to get your PNR status. You can just call on 139 to get your PNR status. For SMS service, just send your PNR Number to 139 or 5676747. It’s like this-

Send PNR < PNR Number > to 139 (by IRCTC)

Send PNR < PNR Number > to 5676747 (by Rail zone).

  • Get PNR Status from railway Enquiry Counter

You can just go to enquiry section and give your PNR number there to simply get your PNR status. It is less used now a day since people have internet and various other services to get the status at home.

  • PNR Enquiry through Final Reservation Charts

You can also check your final PNR status on the Final Reservation Charts. It freezes after the preparation of final chart.

  • Conclusion:

From this article, we get to know that PNR number is very important and useful when it comes to booking railway tickets. It gives you all the required information that you might want before travelling in the train and it also provides you all the required information like confirmation, cancellation and waiting. Not all trains under railways have this facility. You only get this facility under good trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani. There are various advantages that we have discussed just above. There are various methods to use this facility and we have already discussed that.

There is some information regarding some terms and condition. This includes no refund if you cancel your ticket after 4 hours before the train departure time. You will get a refund if the Final chart is out and your ticket is still showing to be in waiting list. If there are more than one passenger present, and one of them have e-ticket and others are still in waiting list that will be granted. This is how Indian Railways PNR number service works. It is of great utility and you should use it to keep track.